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Gen1 ABS Test

Hi All,
2005 FJR, solid ABS light.
Changed the brake fluid, cleaned the front and rear sensor.
Battery is charged at 12.86 volts.
Alligator clipped the coupler to diagnose.
Checked the ABS 7.5 amp fuse in the fuse box.
I don't get any pulses or error codes on the LCD.

So my process, in case i've screwed up (which is likely!)
1. Bike on center stand and in neutral.
2. Coupler clipped (skyblue and black wires)
3. Ignition kill switch to off.
4. Turned on key ignition and wait 2 seconds.
5. Hold starter in for approx 3 seconds (counting) and then release whilst simultaneously
6. Holding in Front brake and Rear brake pedal.
I get absolutely nothing.
No pump, no pulse,no click and no read out on screen indicating anything.

Also tried,
1. Ignition killswitch to on
2. Hold in Front brake and Rear brake pedal
3. Key ignition to on
Same result, no feedback, nothing.

Now i'm thinking ok if the ABS pump is cactus, then ok maybe i'll get no pulses etc.
But surely I'd get an error code or something to indicate that, yeah your screwed.

I'm at a loss, can anyone out there help?
Thank you in advance!

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