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@ wczimmerman

In your review of the product you state that the rear wheel sits somewhat lower on the Abba stand than on the bikes center stand. Did this create any difficulties when either removing or reinstalling the rear wheel?

As pointed out by RaYzerman, the Abba stand is being deployed opposite of the way the company demonstrates it. I am thinking that the Abba stand would interfere with the removal of the bike's center stand if it were turned around the other way. Did you have any difficulties removing the center stand bolts with the Abba stand deployed as it is? Do you think that there would be sufficient clearance to remove the center stand if the Abba stand were deployed the other way around? There also appears to be clearance issues between the Abba stand and the rider's foot pegs. In your pictures they are folded up out of the way. Did this cause any difficulties when either raising or lowering the bike?

Finally, how did you deal with the front two bolts of the center stand that are restricted by the exhaust pipes on either side of the stand? Did you cut the bolts in order to remove them or did you remove the entire exhaust system to eliminate the restriction?
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