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Originally Posted by Nomad 1957 View Post
Some times the verbal commands such as play next song doesn’t work on either of my pack talk bold Jbl s. Could that be because of update
The majority of the time Cardo commands work but yes sometimes not, same before and after update from 5.2 to 5.6 firmware. I signed into my Cardo cell app and turned up VOX senisity and that helped as I had to yell HEY CARDO. I went up to max and then I could hear the wind in my speakers.So I experimented with this setting, much better now. I also entered the 5 pre set FM station in the cardo site.

If I turn on Amazon Ultra HD app in my cell and link up, I use ALEXA for the voice commands for music UP/DOWN next track or say play Dire Straits and I am jamming them Alexa voice commands works 99% plus my GPS will kick in and mute the music and come back on. The Amazon HD music is SOOO much better then the Cardo FM and its not to shabby vs my old Motocom.

None of these two makes of comms are perfect with voice commands on the road. I have several friends that have SENA and they have issues to. I liked the JBL speakers better so I went with Cardo Pack Talk Bold JBL.

I rode 250 miles today to test, LOVE the JBL speakers with the Amazon HD music. I can hear my music (treble) and my Garmin ZUMO at 75 no problem. My old wired Motomcom was worthless at those speeds in my full face Shoei.

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