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Originally Posted by hipi111 View Post
i hate to be the guy who always says this but since i have one where it happened to i dont want any of you guys to have your engine blown up. yes you guys on the forum guessed right im talking about the CCT.
the CCT is a part thats known to fail on the earlier gens so this should be changed if it hasn't been already. the cct is located on the right side of the bike on the top side of the engine (check attachment) so the way to check if it has been changed out is to see if theres a colored dot on there green or blue. the spring in the original one gets weak and bc of that your engine skips timing and bends your valves and can actually break your pistons too.

EXACTLY the info I am looking for!!!! Much appreciated. Is this a simple break out the tools and torque wrench and swap out, or is it a specific process?

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