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New to me '05 FJR

This could be too long for some, so skip to the second main paragraph for my bike ?'s please. I am located in Danville KY if any other riders local.

Hello fellow 2 wheel addicts, first time Yamaha owner, first official post, haven't been able to even lurk as it has taken me numerous attempts to get back in to this account. I ran across this group some time back when I started researching about the mighty FJR. A little bit about me, I have been riding off and on for 45 years total. Started on a Honda Elsinore MR50 that I got at the age of 4 and my sanity has never been the same without having a bike. Fast forward and went into the Air Force at 18, injured at 21, and out of the service at 24. Messed up my back and shoulders pretty bad. Picked riding back up in 2003 when I bought a 2003 Honda Magna, spent a fortune on engine/suspension mods having a blast with it. Pulled it out of the garage spring of '07 made it 1 mile and barely made it back the same way. Now I was never one to slow down through out my life or live any other way than wide open, and I have spent the early part of the 2000's pissed off and angry with myself because I never did slow down and had to learn or become permanently paralyzed or wheel chair bound to get around. Fast forward to the last 5 years or so, and I got so good at sitting around and doing nothing I've watched life go by as I have been raising my 20 year old daughter on my own with no help from anyone. She's managed to turn out alright for having a grumpy old goat doing it. LOL For the last 2-3 years, I have been obsessing about a new toy...a boat? a jet ski? a trike? So then I got to wanting a Can Am Spyder, probably the most sensible decision I SHOULD have made, but tired of not enjoying the freedom or two wheel therapy!!!!

I purchased this 2005 FJR three days ago from a 72 yo man with 43,084 miles on it, no issues that I could find, or he knew of, always dealer serviced to book religion, and immaculately kept. NOW FOR MY ISSUE. After riding it 70 miles the first night I noticed fork oil leaking as it has been sitting for a little bit, and now 15 years old, no biggie needs new seals. NOW I am 6' 290lbs my daughter 6'1" and 165lbs and will be riding with me some ( she started riding with me when she was 4 ) I noticed in a thread folks talking about rear sub frame breaking from, what I am assuming prolonged use and/or a passenger that is relying on too much support from the factory trunk. I have already sent a pm to Garuald about wanting the highway peg, radar, stiffy kit... BUT can someone please elaborate on this subframe issue as I am now having images of my daughter, or other female friends possibly departing the bike at some ill timed point.

When I have the forks rebuilt, with me being 290 lbs, what is the recommendation of you folks for upgrading to Progressive springs? or should I consider another company if there is one? I say Progressive because that is who I used for my Magna build up.

The PO had installed HELI bar risers, but I would like to straighten the bar handles out a little bit, what company do I look to for that possibility?

What other mods/upgrades for the Gen1 is recommended? Thinking I want to add more lights to the front forks as well.

Thanks for tuning in
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