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Russ, the last day I worked at the parts store I had a guy in his 50ís come in and ask for a belt for his car,,,,,, (me) which belt are you looking for ? (Him) I donít know, the one that makes the fan turn, (me) ok what year of car and what model do you have? (Him) I donít know, itís silver and I think itís a Honda, (me) what year is it ? (Him) I donít know, I think itís a 95, 96 or maybe a 98, (me) is the car here ? (Him) no, itís at home, boy youíre a nosey a-hole. (Me) sir, I need to know so I can get you the right belt (him) well, sob,,, theyíre all the same just give me a belt, (me) no they are not, I need the info to get you the right belt, could you go home and get the car or the old belt so I can march it up ? (Him) boy, you a-holes just donít want to help me, I think Iíll just go across the street to auto zone they know their business and will help me.....(me) have a nice day sir !

Absolutely true story that generally was repeated 1-2 times a week at least.

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