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Originally Posted by barnstormer View Post
Very interesting to hear what is going on over the pond.

I'm an expat Brit (limey) living in Brittany in the north west of France, that's the lump of rock that sticks out into the Atlantic at the top left hand corner!

We have an almost total lockdown in France. We are not allowed to leave our homes or property except for employment, medical needs, food, fuel and exercise(walking the dog etc within 500 metres of your house). When we decide to go out we have to have in our possession a signed and dated government form detailing who when where and why we are out. Each of us, my wife and I, a new form every time we go out.

Infringement means a 135 fine. further infringements and the fines can go up to 15,000 plus 6 months prison. Checkpoints on the roads manned by the gendarmes, they are a sort of military police in the country districts where we are, national and municipal police doing the same in the big towns and cities.
All non-essential businesses are closed, bars, cafes, restaurants, all shops and stores except banks, pharmacies, food markets, fuel stations, medical etc.

These restrictions are likely to continue for at least 3 months.
We are lucky that we have a little patch of land, about an acre and a half, including some woodland so we are not hemmed in too much, with no close neighbours - it's fortunate that we don't live in an apartment!

So no riding for me until this is over!
Barnstormer..how do you and your wife get the new signed and dated government form everytime you go out without travelling someplace?

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