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Abba Superbike Stand Review

I have trying to find a solution for lifting the rear of the bike in a stable way for servicing the rear suspension and swing arm. I have read about folks lifting their bikes from the rafters or using the iron pipe stand but all of these have the risk of the bike either breaking on the rear subframe or tipping over.

Well, our British friends across the pond at the FJR Owners Club came up with a solution. They sell adapters for the Abba Superbike stand.



Normally, this stand would not work with the FJR since it doesn't have the traditional swingarm bolts as other bikes on either side. So, their adapters replace the lower rear frame bolt with two bits that securely insert into the stand. I ordered my adapters back at the beginning of the year and they arrived recently after spending a great deal of time with the Royal Mail and USPS.

Installation of the adapters was easy. Simply remove the bolt on one side at a time. I torqued mine to 25 ft/lbs. On the brake lever side I found it easier to get the boxed wrench in from the front rather than the rear.

To lift the bike you insert the longer "L" side of the stand into the adapter while angled toward the back of the bike (bike is on the side stand). Then, on the other side of the bike you insert the remaining stand section into the L side, tighten the thumb screw and then turn the upper screw to cinch things up. Then you pull up on the lever arm with an assistant holding the bike upright and you can easily lift the bike. My writing makes it sound complicated but Abba has some nice videos demonstrating this.

You can see from the photos that these adapters are unobtrusive and when the stand is in place, things are absolutely rock solid. This DOES get the rear wheel off the ground but it will be slightly lower than when the bike is on its own centerstand. While the overall cost is about $300 total for the stand, adapters, and club membership (required for purchasing), in my opinion it is the right tools for the job. Once you have a membership you can also avail yourself of all the tech articles that these FJR Masters have assembled. They also are very prompt in responding to questions on things, understanding the time difference. I am also working on trying to have them out for a tech day in the desert...they are open to it!

As an aside, these adapters work with the standard receivers that come with the stand. Since my daughter rides a Ninja 500, I ordered the receivers for the Ninja so I would have both since it is trivial to swap them and it makes it possible to service her bike with the same stand.

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