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Originally Posted by passx View Post
Junk, it is a Red bike problem that includes the 07ís (the first fastest color and just a tad slower than the14ís) and is caused the incredible speed capability, kinda like the speed and friction of a rocket re-entering the atmosphere,,,,, thereís a persistent rumor that Yamaha had to consult with nasa on how to deal with all this so the absolute fastest color red bikes didnít just vaporize on full throttle,,,,,,,,,, absolutely true,,,,,,, I swear!!!!

the rumor also includes the story that the canadien government was concerned with the safety of their citizens not being able to deal with all that power so required Yamaha to paint their versions in candy cow pie brown just to slow them down,,,absolutely true,,,, I swear ������

Ray , I think we're going to have to pay this guy a visitSo he can truly see that the error of his opinion

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