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The PR4GTs on my '09 are at 11,500mi and while there's tread left, the steering's getting hinkey, so I called the local dealer, Rich's Yamaha in Lockport, IL. They have several sets of 4GTs on hand as they have a good FJR clientele.
There will be one of those sets on my bike this week. Easily the best performance and value of any tire of any bike I've ever had.
Meanwhile, The Missus was doing her very first track day last weekend and the rubber on her recently-acquired '04 SV650S was doing quite well but was out of date and a bit worn- she did 3500 miles on the thing in the first three months. The old ones were Pirelli Diablo Corso II or something, and they felt really, really good. Plus, they stuck in the wet just fine.
Needing good tires to pass tech, we got PR5s (not GTs, of course) installed and neither of us liked the steering change. She described the initial impression as "riding on the point of a hard pencil". My impression was that the initial turn-in was a bit hard; once it was over in the full lean things were fine. The rain-traction reputation of the tire is a plus, though. That has not been tested.
In the end, she's riding the bike and has adapted to the tires. They did a fine job of builder her newer-rider's confidence on track day, too, so that's a win.
Whether these points apply to the coming 5GT remains to be seen.


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