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If and only if you can do all the work yourself would I even attempt to rebuild it. Most of the damage seems to be from going down not the actual collision, making a big assumption but likely the front end is OK.
I did repair my bikes from 2 crashes that had a lot of damage, one of which would have technically been a write-off. For the write-off idea, add up all the parts costs and then the estimated dealer labor costs it takes to put that all back together, then consider it's worth something like $8000 or whatever recent 14's have sold for here. If you have such a thing as needing a salvage title, that likely reduces the value, but you could also just resolve to keep it until it is worth nothing. Just from looking at your pictures, I'd say technically it's a write-off, and likely your insurance folks will lean that way. Hopefully they give you more than it's worth on the open market, including replacing any farkles or your riding gear. By the time you buy an exact replacement and farkle it up/replace gear, you're in the neighborhood of $10k maybe more.
Hope your injuries aren't too severe and that you heal quickly, it can't be a happy time. Best wishes.

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