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ABS test fail now won't start! A WTF moment

Originally Posted by aussi dave View Post
So the ABS light on my 2007 bike was staying on, lotsa info in this forum about testing coupler. Bought one (ouch) from Japan and looked for matching coupler behind battery, found it down the fairing (at least its the only thing that looks right! 4 wires, Coupler bridges sky blue and black.) Checked out forums here, youtube guy. Followed the procedure: battery 12.8+; kill off, ignition onx 2 secs, start button x 4 secs, brakes on. nothing, not a thing. no pulse no codes no nothing. repeat.. no better. It gets worse.. gave it a break, checked starting... kicks over but not firing up. not starting plus abs light still on.
love to hear any ideas!

Did you start the engine briefly, then shut it down cold, during your testing?
If you did, you will confuse the he11 out of the fuel injection system, and then the engine will be very hard to start. Never happened to mine, but the only cure I know is full throttle and prolonged cranking, maybe for a full battery charge worth, and more. Why, I do not know, but the problem then is flooding, and it takes cranking time to get the FI system back to where the engine will start. Since the engine ran before with the ABS light on, I'm guessing that nothing else is wrong, and you will still have the ABS light on after it finally starts again.

Whenever you start the FJR engine from cold, do not shut down the FJR engine until you have the engine fully warmed up.

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