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I suspect you may have a ground spider issue and would recommend checking those if you haven't ever. When you turn on the ignition, kill switch ON, does the fuel pump run?
Not quite sure the procedure you followed.... with the test harness in place, all you have to do is kill switch off, key on while holding both front and rear brakes. Or, ignoring kill switch, in gear and side stand down. Fuel pump will not run in either of those cases.
The ABS motor is not likely the problem, it should run whether you have ABS issues or not. The main 30 amp fuse for the ABS motor is on the starter relay, with a spare one there if you need it. There may be other fuses that control ABS function (I haven't checked an Owner's Manual to verify).
As for your ABS lights on, if your wheel sensors have corrosion, you will get ABS errors. The aluminum adapter plate corrodes and the aluminum oxide bridges onto the steel sensor. Caution trying to remove them, they can be very tight, getting ham-fisted will break the plastic sleeve, best use some penetrant and work them loose by trying to rotate them a bit back and forth.
You should also check diagnostic codes in DiAG mode. That may also point you to potential issues.

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