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Originally Posted by RaYzerman View Post
You don't h ave a location in your profile, so I don't know where you are. My recommendation is to call a local suspension shop, failing that, call Cogent Dynamics in Fletcher, NC... they work on all kinds of bike suspensions.
Originally Posted by Polar View Post
Are you sure its a leak from the compression adjustment because its very rare and you have both leaking - never seen that one before in the 13 years ive been here.

It may be the fork seals leaking and you are just seeing it drip off the compression adjusters? i would wash off the fork legs and double check your diagnostic.

If its the fork seals there may be a solution before you go stripping the forks down come back and let us know.
Originally Posted by Alan smithy View Post
There is one other place it could be leaking from, the bolt that goes up from the bottom of the fork, on a bike this old it must have had at least one fork rebuild before now and the bolts could be leaking.
I will clean off both to be certain. I am in the Pensacola FL area FWIW. I don't see any sign of oil above the adjusters but better to be 100% sure before doing anything. I have the service manual so am aware of the drain bolts above the axle.
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