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Originally Posted by RaYzerman View Post
SH_26 is "abnormal clutch movement when ignition is turned on"...... most likely due to insufficient battery voltage, which perhaps drops much lower when ignition switched on. Yep, if those battery readings are correct, you need a new one. I would also go through the ground spiders, clean, coat with contact paste before re-assembling them. Never hurts to have those clean.

Awesome thanks so much. I got a new one lined up for pick up tomorrow. They even said they would let me do the wetting with acid vs pre done from factory. If I recall itís pour in acid,once 100% of it is in, wait an hour, then trickle charge until full, watch to see if it gets hot.

2006 fjr1300 50k silver. Iron butt fuel tank, Led pods, Corbin heated seat, all the touring fixings.
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