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Originally Posted by D-Dub View Post
I would do it again without hesitation. I've put just over 1000 miles on since being flashed with no complaints. The power increase is noticeable but it's not a huge increase. His dyno sheets show about a 5% power increase IIRC, I'd bet that's pretty accurate. The driveability is definitely improved... no more on/off throttle hesitations, it just does everything smoothly now. And I LOVE the 3rd drive mode. Touring mode (for me) is annoyingly sluggish and Sport mode as to twitchy for everyday use. Ivan mode is linear... if you want half throttle you open the throttle halfway. Reminds me of a pre-emissions bike, it just runs "right" all the time. And no more cruise control limitations! WooHoo!
You do need to run mid-grade gas but that's about $1.50 per tank difference. Not a big deal in my book.

As bolt-on power adders go I'd give this an A+

Edited to add... I've increase 1-2 mpg on my display and I've not been riding for good mpg numbers
Ditto on your comments, my experience also..... except for the mid-grade fuel part that Ivan recommends. With the timing advancement, it would seem mid-grade makes sense, I get it, but I just went on a week trip where two of us ran regular.... several tanks in all kinds of situations, cruising to twisties.... we did not feel any detrimental effects nor did fuel economy change from our pre-flash days.
The engine from cold does rev up near 2000 rpm on cold idle and takes longer to warm up (timing advance makes it run cooler). Takes a couple of times to get used to that, but all good. I believe Ivan set the parameters such that the cooling fans come on at a lower temperature as well, as we noticed and we're OK with that.

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