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As several have said above, bleed the clutch hydraulics well, check the pivot and bushing very closely and maybe a clutch plate soak & clean. Take a look when you shift to see that the rpm’s drop immediately when you pull the clutch in, it should.

I think the fjr has a propensity to drag the clutch some regardless, on my 14a when it was new it would drag badly so the bike was very hard to shift, it started right after the 600mi service so I had thoughts of it being oil as did the dealer so I changed to a different oil brand on the recommendations made here, it had zero effect on the clutch. It was still under warranty so the dealer did the work and I got to see 2 of the removed clutch packs first hand and they were welded together with the black goo Russ mentioned above, it took a hammer and screwdriver to break them apart.

On mine, the cause manufacturing debris in the clutch hydraulic slave system that caused my clutch to drag, it apparently wouldn’t allow it to disengage and after Yamaha got involved and they disassembled the entire actuation system and cleaned it, it’s been pretty much perfect since but I will add that if the bike sits for longer than a week When i start it, When i pull the clutch in I blip the throttle to I believe separate the clutch plates, this provides a nice quiet “snip” into 1st gear instead of a “clunk” , i’ll add that the “clunk” isn’t all that bad but the “snip” is so much quieter and it has to be easier on things.

By the way i’m On the 4th clutch pack in my bike but i’ll add that since the dealer got things right that my fjr is one of the very best shifting tranny’s i’ve ever experienced, But I do believe that the fjr clutch is susceptible to being dry & dragging. It is not pressure fed oil like most.

Lots of good suggestions above and if you use the search function here you will find lots of info on the fjr clutch issues, but in my opinion the only things that really affect it are either air or debris in the slave system, worn bushings or pivots or if it’s dragged enough to create the infamous black goo then you're going to Need to do a clutch soak/clean. Get a shop manual if you don’t have one, the Yamaha manual is very thorough but a bit difficult to follow but the Haynes or other aftermarket one’s are simpler to follow but not quite as thorough. Let us know what you find.

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