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ABS light heads-up

I changed tires around 5000 miles ago. I recently went on a 3200 mile trip out East. Washed the bike thoroughly after we got home. Bike sat for around a week. Went for a 50 mile ride and towards the end, the ABS light started flashing. Hmm, water got into something? Went for an 80 mile ride a few days later, and the light started flashing again. Fixed itself after I came to a stop. Went home, dug into the manual. Had codes 14 and 24 stored, both pertaining to the front wheel speed sensor. Inspected the wires, pulled the sensor from the hub and noticed some tiny particles on it. Not necessarily iron filings, just dust, etc. that I (I'm sure) didn't clean up when I mounted the tire. I checked the wheel bearings, no roughness, no looseness. I cleaned the sensor off, cleaned the reluctor using a Q Tip and alcohol, reassembled, and the light's been off for some 200 miles now. Maybe I can save somebody an expensive trip to the dealer...

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