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Well, I am not an expert, but I do have an opinion.

If the FJR was a performance oriented bike, and/or you thought of it as "performance oriented" then it never hurts to replace a cam chain, even with only 60,000.

As the chain wears, and they all wear, cam timing is changed and there is a small loss of performance. Nothing I would ever notice, but still there.

Also, if you keep the FJR another 60,000 then there will be another minor performance hit.

On the other hand, several folks have put 2-300,000 on their FJR's and I don't think anyone has had a chain break. {someone recently had an oil pump chain break, and several have had engines grenade and blamed it on CCT's}.

So, unless you are REALLY, REALLY anal, you shouldn't change the cam chain out at 60,000. IMHO

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