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Road trip to **** turned out okay

Sometime ago my oldest son called me and said that he was going to ride up to a place called Two Wheels over Soches. Itís a motorcycle only campground located in North Georgia. He lives in Pensacola FL. and Iím further south in Fort Myers, FL.
We agreed upon a meeting spot just north of Atlanta. For me thatís a 700+ mile ride so I decided to do it in two days. Made it to south central GA the first day. Got a room for the night and tried to get some sleep. Wasnít going to happen. I was starting to feel like I was coming down with something. After a rough night I was able to get going and we met as planned. That night was awful, sleeping in a pup tent with no air mattress SUCKED! Upset stomach and diarrheaís with a fever. We tried to do some riding the next day but I was miserable. One more night in the tent (my last ever) tossing and turning had me praying for sunrise. We loaded up. I threw the tent into the trash and headed for Atlanta. It was noon before we said our goodbyes and I headed South. At this point Iím really feeling bad. As soon as I got to I-75 south of Atlanta traffic came to a complete stop. Temperature was mid 90ís. After what seemed like forever I made it to Macon and got a room. Woke up about 4 hours later and felt remarkably better. Needing to get home I hopped back on my FJR and headed south into the Georgia twilight. Within a hour I was feeling worse than ever. Not much traffic so I started cycling my speed from 70 to 90 and back to 70. During one of these cycles blue lights came up behind me. The trooper was friendly and admired the bike and asked me if I had any idea how fast I was going?
I had a good idea but played dumb. ď125Ē he said. Took my documents and headed back to his car. At least 30 minutes passed away before he got out of his car and told me he had lost my drivers license. I offered to help look for it and got my flashlight. We hunted for another 20 minutes with no luck. He said he thought it fell behind a radio but he had no way to get it off. I offered to take it off using my trusty FJR toolkit. Sure enough it was behind the radio. I went to put away my things and he walked up to me with citation in hand ďI want you to know how much I appreciate your patience and help.Ē Putting on my best friendly face I replied ď no problem ď inside Iím fuming. Then he ripped the ticket up and told me to be careful. Back out on the Interstate feeling very relieved and somewhat better I felt the first rain drops. Within 5 minutes I am headed through a monsoon. Pulled off the next exit a got another room. Fever, vomiting and diarrhea all night. First thing in the morning I found a U-Haul dealership and loaded up the bike and headed home. Other than all of that I had a great time. NOT!!!
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Wow!!! Just Wow!
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It really sucks to be sick on the road. On the other hand, not ever do you walk away empty handed from a 125mph ticket.
In Ontario that would cost you in excess of 10G before it was all done, and you wouldn't need the uhaul until 10 days later to recover your bike from impound.

Guess it wasn't so bad after all....
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Holy crap! Pardon the pun. I've had some lousy trips but never that bad. Even the worst I can look back now with some fondness.
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That is an epic tale of "what can go wrong, will go wrong". Good that the tale has a happy ending (you got home safely and have not given up riding).
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I threw my tent away about 10 years ago... Glad you finally made it home safely. Feeling ill and motorcycling don't mix to well. I got sick on the road once. Thankfully I felt better the next morning to continue my ride.
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Bummer. Yea that sounds like a pretty rough trip. Sorry you had to go thru that.
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I have never been sick on a multi day trip. I hope I never have to be. For sure the first thing I will do is get a hotel room and try to recover.

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125 mph actual is really, really fast....and he rips up the ticket.

Man, you almost bit it - and you are complaining.??

Flu, renting rooms and a u-haul, you're still in one piece and that heavy ticket in shreds...

I think an offering of thanks would be in order.

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That's one of those trips that serves to provide an adventuresome memory and a wild story for the grandchildren. Wow!

I'm not much for tent camping myself, so I always motel/hotel on longer trips like that... but if I started coming down with that stomach flu or hershey squirts... I'd definitely put the bike by a hotel door and recover in a bed.

Did he ever find your license?

Last summer, I had a local county yokel just happen to be sitting by the side of the deserted two-lane where there's a 3 mile long straightaway. It's so deserted that I often let the bike eat a little. I was well into three digits and then I see him. Local guy in an old F-150 with police trim. I didn't hit the brakes but I let off the throttle and watched the rear views, wondering if he'd bother pulling out. Yep, he did. I pulled over immediately and followed the protocol. Remove helmet to show off the gray hair, smile and be really friendly. When he pulled up, he thanked me for stopping, saying he was surprised that I didn't just keep going. I told him I would never run from a P.O. He looked up my license, cleaner than a preacher's sheets... and told me he wasn't going to write me a ticket... but asked me how fast I was going before I started slowing down. Now, I may not be super-smart, but I wasn't born yesterday, so I just said I had been riding in the twisties all day and when the road straightened out, I didn't notice how fast I was going. I didn't tell him I was somewhere around 110 or 120, even though he had a pretty good idea. The LEO stayed super-friendly, asked lots about the bike (my Ninja-1K) and we talked about all the crazy people he must have to deal with out here in the backwoods. He waved and drove off. If he'd been a state trooper, I'd have probably been impounded since those guys almost never miss writing the biggest ticket they can. Then 2 months later, I noticed that my plate on that bike was long expired when the nice LEO had pulled me. The Lord was smiling on me that day.
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