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Originally Posted by passx View Post
Anyone remember the Buell experiment ?

Yes I do. Bought a 95 model. Biggest POS I ever owned. Had a stack of recalls a bird dog couldn't jump over. Fairing frame broke. If Erik Buell can't look at a jap bike and figure how to mount a fairing that the frame won't break, really?

Oh and how about mounting the rear shock that works backwards AND let's mount the muffler right next to it so it can heat up the oil in the shock and turn it into a hardtail.

And anything over 80 mph pukes oil out of the motor and down that pretty white frame. The sportster 1200 engine did get good gas mileage but had no balls.

I always said if Harley would come with something sporty I would give it a try. Well I did but never again.

Plus I don't have enough money for their Chinese clothes.

Some government hack probably gave them millions to develop their electric commuter. Where do you haul anything on it?

Good luck Harley you are going to need it. The faithful will take to this probably like they did the V Rod.
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