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Originally Posted by RaYzerman View Post
It may be that there is no slack noticable, a good sign. Agree change the CCT anyway since it has no dots (old original design). Be sure to ty-wrap the chain at the crankshaft end to prevent the chain from drooping down off the crank sprocket while you have no tension on the CCT when you release it. Also agree that the strange noise may be coming from elsewhere, but let's eliminate the CCT first.
Thanks Mate,

I feel better already knowing that the chain gear and timing seem to be in order. The manual says: \

Make sure that the timing chain tensioner
rod comes out of the timing chain tensioner
housing smoothly. If there is rough move-
ment, replace the timing chain tensioner.

So I may have a problem yet with the CCT that I just cant detect when it is under load. I guess I will see when I get it out.

In the back of my mind I am wondering if the clutch might need inspection. I saw a video of a guy yesterday taking the plates out and bathing them in oil then re-installing cause they were dry. What is this meant to improve in your opinion?

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