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Originally Posted by Mr_Ed View Post
The front went very easily. It was the rear that gave me fits. Never thought about lubing the center. I've got some short pieces of scrap 1 x 2 that I put around the bead to hold it off the rim. As I pull the Mojo lever around they pop out and go flying around the garage.
Put the blocks on the bottom as well as the top. If you can get both beads in the center then you don't have to skew (as much) the top bead off center with respect to the bottom bead.

I've tried pinching the tire with c-clamps or woodworking clamps without success. Clamp comes off. But the bead breaking clamp doesn't have that problem.

On a really flimsy tire one could hold both beads together (all the way around) on the tire and it would pop on with no tools much like we can do the first side, usually.

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