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passx 10-14-2019 06:35 AM

Just a FYI,,,, 1 micron is .000039in.. As I recall, a human hair usually runs.003-.004in. Just some useless info to think about. When we were testing things in the lab the test stands that we used typically ran 10micron filters capable of withstanding up to 5000psi oil pressure but those were very high quality, costly ($45-$70) filters which by the way were made very similarly to the Mobil1 filter above.

RaYzerman 10-14-2019 08:02 AM

To take that a little further, Steve..... for a typical 30 micron filter...
1 micrometer = 1 micron = .001 mm = .000039 in.

30 micrometers = 30 microns = .030mm = .00117 in.
Nominal clearances in the FJR engine are greater than that, i.e, a 30 micron piece of dirt will pass right through everything in the engine.

I would expect a 10 micron filter to require more pressure to obtain a certain flow rate. Using the FJR engine, per Yamaha, minimum oil pressure is 4.4 psi per 1050 rpm with the oil hot (185F), which at a highway cruise of 4000 rpm would be about 17 psi. Sounds a bit low to me, nor do we know the flow rate spec, but my point is you do not want to restrict flow too much in engine applications.

Purolator Pure One filters (20 microns) flow approx. 2 gpm less than their Classic, and I can see the reason they don't recommend them for motorcycle applications. Using 20W50 oil in my '07, I noticed (minor) engine noises at startup that went away when I used 10W40 or other than a Pure One filter.

Let bigger stuff through and increase the flow rate. The stainless steel filter guys (typically 35 microns) claim the highest flow rates and market this as the most important thing. Getting too close to nominal engine clearances for me even though no one has ever had a problem that we know of.

JunkJacket 10-14-2019 08:40 AM


Originally Posted by N4HHE (Post 1228433)
In operation oil is pushed from the outside to the inside. Wouldn't this close the pleats under pressure?

My point is that while it is fun to cut filters open to see what is inside, it is almost impossible with visible inspection to judge the filter's ability to do its job.

Well my only point was that I couldn’t see the method used in the construction of the Yamaha filter to seal off the edges of the pleats, I’m 100% sure they are sealed else it wouldn’t work. Some product comparisons I can make in a store about what “feels” or “looks” like a difference in quality and then I put one back on the shelf and bring my choice to the check out counter. Granted both products probably perform equally but the point is I can make a choice so I do just that.

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