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A few Redfish thoughts on this subject...

1. There are some used PC-Vs out there. You might find one just waiting for a good home somewhere. (PM me. Please PM me!)
2. Bernie is right and wrong about the Autotune. I guess that depends on you. I know you can get excellent results without the Autotune unit.
3. The correct map is essential.
4. You don't HAVE to have a PC-V for a Gen2. I personally know that there are PC-3 units being used on '07 FJRs.
5. Your fuel mileage will probably drop.
6. Your fuel economy readout in the dash will become uselessly, optimistically inaccurate.
7. Bernie is right about not using a GSXR unit on an FJR. That will NOT work.

I installed a PC-V on Pop's '07 many years ago to help with the jerky throttle. I ordered it from FuelMoto and they installed their "smoothness map". Pop lives about 20 feet above sea level here in South Louisiana. That '07 with that PC-V and no Autotune traveled from here all through the Smoky Mountains, all over Colorado, all the way to the top of Pike's Peak, 14,110 feet. That bike had altitude issues stock but never with the PC-V. I did run it for a while with the O2 sensor still plugged in and fuel mileage was great. I gave in to the advice of experts and unplugged the O2 sensor and fuel mileage dropped.

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