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Originally Posted by Redfish View Post
Okay, I want to revive some interest here and possibly get some feedback from slupcho.

I bought 3 pairs of MotoSkiveez for a long trip recently and I have some thoughts. My 71 year old father and I took a ride on our FJRs from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Sacramento, California and back. We left May 26th and returned home June 10th. We covered 5800 miles with a low temp of 48F and a high temp of 107F.

I had a pair of the Cruiser and a pair of the Adventure shorts for myself, I gave Pop a pair of the Cruiser shorts.

Without naming competitive brands my normal complaints are:
1. Legs too long.
2. Legs too tight at cuff.
3. Legs too tight at quadriceps.
4. Depending on brand, not supportive enough.

The MotoSkiveez were a HUGE improvement in all those areas.

But... The "Butt Pad" is not a Good Thing. That pad, while it wicked moisture very well, still held moisture in extreme heat. The Butt Pad on the Adventure Short often felt like I had let something slip out and I needed to "check wipe".

My biggest complaint with the Butt Pad is that Pop and I both have Laam Custom seats. The edges of the Butt Pad would overlap the edges of the stock seat but are on top of the support area of the Custom Seat. That led to some discomfort from that edge digging into my (beautifully shaped!) butt cheeks.

If MotoSkiveez decides to build these shorts to fit EXACTLY the way they do now but without the Butt Pad, I am ready to buy. Right Now.

Even as they are, these were the best Motorcycle Underoos I ever tried. And I have paid some good money on several other top rated brands.
REDFISH, Thanks for choosing Moto-Skiveez® and thank you for the comments. We always appreciate constructive opinions about our products. It is exactly this type of information that will allow us to continually improve and refine our products.

Everyone's anatomy and physical makeup is different. Although we put considerable time and resources into designing our pads, I know that short of a custom tailored design, there may never be one product that will accommodate everyone. In very hot conditions, our pads are designed to absorb moisture but still remain effective at reducing discomfort. Again, this is a broad area. Some people perspire much more than others. Unfortunately, if there is much perspiration or moisture, and no means to transport that outward, such as venting, etc., the pad will retain the moisture. For the vast majority of riders this has not been an issue. We have had reports of people wearing our shorts immediately after washing while they are still wet with no problems. We even have one report where a customer swam in them, then without removing the shorts after exiting the water, put his riding clothes back on and continued to ride for another fours hours. This was in Hawaii in very humid conditions. Again, I'm just trying to emphasize the range in experiences with the same product.

Now having said that, we know there is a certain market segment that is just averse to wearing a padded undergarment. We are currently developing a new type of garment that is unlike anything currently on the market. It is intended to accomplish the same result, to reduce riding discomfort, but it will do so with out padding. I don't want to give too much away at this point, but know that we are committed not only to continually refine and improve our current products, but also to bring new and innovative products to market.

Thanks again for the comments and thanks for choosing Moto-Skiveez....stay tuned.
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